• PNR31974
    BVV InnoTrans 2018
    Over the distance exceeding 2,000 kilometers in the high-speed trains up to 350 km/h fast, the BVV wheels provide a maximum of safety, smooth running and durability. (Photo: China Railway Group)
  • PNR31973
    BVV InnoTrans 2018
    Aluminum instead of steel – The new BVV hybrid wheel BO 2000 achieves 50 kilogram in weight reductions. (Photo: Stadtwerke Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main mbH)
  • PNR31972
    BVV InnoTrans 2018
    Since the 1950ies, the Bochumer Verein develops and manufactures a wide range of resilient wheels for rail vehicles. (Graphic: BVV)
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